David Tenreiro

(+1) 403-473-4919

May 2016

Benevity Workplace giving and volunteering platform (SaaS platform)

Worked With: PHP (Drupal), JavaScript (jQuery and vue.js), Java, MySQL, AWS, Jenkins, Jira, Aha!

Lead efforts in 2017 to improve the performance on the main applications (PHP, JavaScript, Java and MySQL) after the company experienced a service outage in one of the products. Trained and supported the development team to better prevent this in the future. Which then lead to me driving the weekly development meeting, in which we share knowledge, keep teams updated with announcements and use an interview style format to keep it concise and under 30 minutes.

Switched to Product Owner at the end of 2018 and managed the development infrastructure in AWS, managing efforts to move to Docker containers and Kubernetes, and improving Continuous Integration pipeline for better performance, ease of use and scalability.

Mar 2014
May 2016

Hitachi ID Identity, password and Privileged Access Management Suite.

Worked With: C++, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, SQL Server, Oracle, Win32, OSX

Maintained legacy ActiveX components (IE) and managed the project to expand this to other browsers and port them to OSX, which gave the product a modern facelift and competitive advantage.

Greatly improved performance of the Privileged Access Management solution and ensured the proper testing for this was in place.

Jan 2013
Feb 2014

POSH View Interactive products showcase and Ad software.

Worked With: C, Python, C++, Bash, Debian Build Toolchain, Autotools

In charge of creating a new Linux-based platform and applications for the flagship product; the iMirror.

Designed the architecture for a new interactive Advertising Platform and product showcase, which clients ended up using as part of their sales process.

Nov 2011
Aug 2012

Creation Republic Design Ad Agency

Worked With: Python, Bash, PHP, JavaScript, Nginx

Responsible for the configuration, theming, development and maintenance of client's websites (PHP and Python) and web servers (Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Drupal).

Production and staging server administration.

Jul 2008
Nov 2011

Inditex Multinational fashion retailer (one of world's largest).

Worked With: C++, C#, Autotools, Java, Maven, Hibernate

Maintained and incorporated new requirements on the legacy POS System, entirely written in C++.

Created an embedded Linux OS to run on the IBM machines that had the POS for communicating sales to head office.

Architected and developed a couple applications in J2EE for improving company processes.


About my career so far...

I started working for an IT consulting company in 2006. The first few projects were web applications, very heavy on JavaScript - it was the early Web 2.0 days. My enthusiasm for technology and attention to detail helped me get into other interesting projects shortly after that included mobile (PDAs at the time) and desktop applications and server and network administration for clients. A year into this job I started managing a team of 6 developers and only doing system/network administration as a backup for another team.

After this, I moved to a C++ developer role at a multinational fashion retail company to maintain their homegrown Point of Sale system (running on MS-DOS 5!) and decided to start my own company on the side. Both things progressed very well. At my day job I ended up moving some functionality away from the POS system into a J2EE platform so we didn't have to implement that in the newly-acquired POS and managing the integration with a Taiwanese third party for fiscal compliance to open our first store in Taiwan. While on the side I focused my efforts in providing Open Source solutions running on Linux and integrating with multiple hardware like RFID readers, touch screens and barcode and 2d scanners. All of this came to an end as I decided to move to Canada, although I still worked on the Taiwan project for a couple more months.

After moving to Canada I found a nice startup culture. It was easy to land my first job at a design agency thanks to some of my portfolio that included a CSS design award, and later move to the ad space with interactive 80" screens that used a chrome browser with custom-made JavaScript extensions and kernel drivers and the iMirror completely native Linux application.

My next leap was into the security space on a Privileged Access Management application that was part of the Identity Governance Suite just in time for a huge overhaul of the UI that went from mostly static HTML pages to JavaScript heavy front end, but remained using C++ on the back end and for native desktop applications.

In 2016 I joined Benevity as a software developer for the web front end adding new features and bringing the solution up to web accessibility standards. Later on started a team with other two developers and grew up to 9, focused on keeping the solution performing well under heavy traffic. Finally switched to become a Product Owner for that team and the Tools & Infrastructure team, where we are focusing on leveraging more of the AWS stack and providing tools and development environments on the cloud using Kubernetes.

Nov 2009
Oct 2011

DualNot IT Solutions - FOSS

Co-owner, project manager, developer, sysadmin

Mar 2006
Jul 2008

Comasis Consultores

Managed, architected, developed and maintained teams and projects for desktop, web and mobile (PDA) applications.