David Tenreiro

(+1) 778 678 8244

May 2016

Benevity Workplace giving and volunteering platform

Worked With: PHP, Java, MySQL
  • Developed new features and improved accessibility.
  • Lead efforts to improve performance on main PHP application (Drupal-based).
Mar 2014
May 2017

Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite.

Worked With: C++, Python, Ruby, SQL Server
  • Maintained legacy ActiveX components (IE).
  • Created infrastructure to support modern browsers interacting with native tools (former ActiveX components).
  • Improved performance on multi-threaded core by writing a stress-testing harness and fixing multiple issues found.
Jan 2013
Feb 2014

POSH View Interactive products showcase and Ad software.

Worked With: C, Python, C++, Bash, Debian Build Toolchain, Autotools
  • In charge of creating a new Linux-based platform and applications.
  • Used C, Python and MySQL to develop a totally new Advertising Platform.
  • Graphical Linux applications on Python (with C and C++ modules using Python C/C++ API) on top of the GTK+ framework, using GLib and other libraries.
  • Developed native Google Chrome plugins in C++ and extensions in JavaScript.
Nov 2011
Aug 2012

Creation Republic High-End Ad Agency

Worked With: Python, Bash, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, Drupal, Nginx
  • Responsible for the configuration, theming, development and maintenance of client's websites (PHP and Python) and web servers (Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Drupal).
  • Production and staging server administration.
Jul 2008
Nov 2011

Inditex Multinational fashion retailer (one of world's largest).

Worked With: C++, C#, Autotools, Java, Maven, Hibernate
  • Maintained and incorporated new requirements on the legacy POS System, entirely written in C++.
  • Created an embedded Linux OS to run on the IBM machines that had the POS for communicating sales to head office.
  • Architected and developed a couple applications in J2EE for improving company processes.
Nov 2009
Oct 2011

DualNot IT Solutions - FOSS Oriented

Worked With: C, Python, PHP, Bash, Debian Build Toolchain, Autotools, Python Distutils, C#
  • Developed, installed and maintained many of the solutions we provided using Python, C, C++, C#, GTK+ and other libraries and frameworks.
  • Created Linux drivers for touchscreen and programmed RFID readers and barcode scanners logic.
  • Maintained positive and strong relationships with clients.
Mar 2006
Jul 2008

Comasis Consultores IT Solutions

Worked With: C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, VB.NET, MySQL, MSSQL, Debian
  • Architected, developed, managed and maintained several desktop, web and mobile applications.
  • Lead developer on projects for a Bank and other large clients.



  • 11+ years of experience designing and programming desktop, web and mobile applications.
  • Large experience in multi-threaded application architecture and development.
  • Strong concepts and practice in coding standards, knowledge and practice of software design patterns.
  • Experienced programming and maintaining secure applications.
  • Good background in Linux systems administration and development.
  • Technology and computer enthusiast.
  • Experience in developing applications using peripherals like RFID Readers, Bar-code Scanners.
  • Great working in collaborative team environments.
  • Attention to details; little things and big results.
  • Good foundation in Git and other source control management software.
  • Willing to travel and relocate.

Programming Languages

C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python

Version Control Systems

Git, Mercurial, MS Team Foundation, Subversion

Libraries and Frameworks

GLib, GTK+, STL, Hibernate, Spring, jQuery, Drupal


Apache, Nginx, IBM WAS, Tomcat, MySQL, MSSQL, ActiveMQ, Bash


Debian Build Toolchain, Autotools, IPTables, Wireshark, TCPdump, Maven


UNED Spain

Computer Science 2008 - 2009

Universidad de A Coruña Spain

Computer Science 2007-2008

IES Fernando Wirtz Spain

Diploma on Software Development 2004 - 2006

Other Courses

  • Web Accessibility (Deque)
  • Expert Linux Administration
  • Advances in Internet Security
  • .NET Remoting
  • Borland C++ Builder